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From Marc Antony feeding Cleopatra grapes to the lusty dinner scene in Tom Jones, people have enjoyed intertwining food with romance and love. InterCourses gives you everything you need to create a memorable aphrodisiac meal, using 19 sensual foods considered aphrodisiacs throughout history, 145 couple-tested recipes, and ground-breaking images of food set on the backdrop of the human body. Shot by Ben Fink, the photos place the food in focus and the bodies primarily out of focus, keeping the emphasis on the sensuality of the food itself.

People frequently ask, “Do aphrodisiacs really exist?” Yes, aphrodisiacs absolutely exist. But not in the sense of powdered Rhino horn or rare eggs from an endangered fish. Rather, aphrodisiacs celebrate the innate sensuality of food itself—the pink swirling seeds of a fig, the phallic shape of a stalk of asparagus, or the sticky sweetness of honey. This sensuality combined with the act of cooking together as a couple or one person preparing food for another elevates the everyday act of eating into an aphrodisiac experience.

Aphrodisiacs can fit any stage of your relationship, from the shy first date to the crazy-hot-for-you stage to your 50th wedding anniversary. They can be sweet or sensual or caring or sexual. Aphrodisiacs can work with any season of year, time of day, or food preferences. (InterCourses even contains a handy aphrodisiac usage guide to help you choose the perfect recipe for your situation.)

It all boils down to this: your mind is your strongest aphrodisiac. InterCourses merely sets the stage with sumptuous images, recipes, and stories that allow your imagination to wander. You get the delicious privilege of putting your ideas into practice. So have fun, get cooking, and keep us updated on any fabulous aphrodisiac experiences you have.

about the images

Randall and I developed the concepts for the images and found the majority of our models off the streets of Memphis. We were only 25 at the time, with empty bank accounts to match. Since we couldn’t afford to go through a modeling agency, I hit the streets with a Polaroid camera and an idea of what type of body we needed for each shot. For the new images in our 10th anniversary edition—ginger, seafood, and salmon—we went digital, posting on Craig’s List for models interested in being a part of our new edition.

Every model showed up on time, with a professional attitude, and a willingness to try any of our crazy ideas. We are forever grateful to them and to Ben Fink, our photographer, for bringing our concepts to the printed page. Click above for a sampling of images from InterCourses, along with snippets of aphrodisiac folklore and stories of how the images were made. For more images and sample recipes, click here.


photo by ben fink
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